Water great photo!

WaterlogueAs the summer holidays get into full swing, I’m taking more and more pictures on my iPhone – but so is the rest of my family, and they’re all quite similar. So in an attempt to create something a bit different for the album, I turned to the App store and discovered Waterlogue: an app that turns my photos into watercolour paintings!

I’ve used a number of photo editing apps over the years of using a smartphone, but often found them too complicated or too limiting. The reason I like Waterlogue is because it’s extremely simple to use and the results always look great.

Here’s what you do:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 14.11.14Choose either a photo you already have on your camera roll or in one of your photo albums, or take a new photo from within the app;

Waterlogue EffectsSelect the effect you want to create – there are around 12 styles to choose from, like Rainy, Technical or Travelogue.

Then just wait for your masterpiece to appear – it takes between 10 and 30 seconds, depending on your device – Water colour versionthe newer it is, the quicker the results will be revealed. It’s fun because you can watch the process of it being ‘drawn’ and ‘painted’. Once you’ve created your watercolour, you can share it or download it in any way you like.

Waterlogue costs £1.99 in the App store, and it will give you (and your kids, if you let them) hours of fun and some beautiful, and different, pictures of your holidays.

Pencil Camera HDUnfortunately this app is only available for iOS devices (Apple phones or iPads), so if you’ve got an Android device and you fancy being creative with your photos you’ll need to try something else. We liked Pencil Camera HD (shown on the right) and Water Color Sketch, both of which are free and easy to use. Have a look in the Google Play store to see which one you like best.

Happy snapping and let us know how you get on!