Scanning on the go

Recently I was out at a local restaurant and wanted to share the menu with a foodie friend. I tried to take a photo of it but it came out really badly so I needed to find another way. I turned to the App store for help, and found the highly reviewed Scanner Pro app for iPhone or iPad.

Having downloaded it to my phone, it was a simple job to take a photo of the menu using the app, the built-in guides found the exact corners for me, chopping off any background bits of table, ‘flattening’ it out and creating a digital version I could keep.


Scanner Pro

Once the menu was scanned I could then email it from the app, or upload it to a number of Cloud storage sites including iCloud, Dropbox or Evernote to be accessed at a later date. If I wanted to, I could also print it directly from my phone to a networked printer another time.

The app is currently half price in the iTunes Store: just £1.99 – although even at full price it is well worth having. 

If you’ve got an Android phone, you won’t be able to use Scanner Pro, but Camscanner is highly rated. It works in much the same way and has all the editing and sharing options too. Even better – it’s free and can be used on iPhones as well. We did a quick comparison of it against Scanner Pro and found that Camscanner has many more editing options, but the image quality of the final scan wasn’t quite as clear.

As usual it seems you get what you pay for – much like the food at the local restaurant – here’s the menu – it was delicious.Scanner pro menu


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